Lauren and Mike

Filed under : Weddings by Ben and Kirin on 26-02-2010

Lauren and Mike’s wedding was a big, warm, Italian hug of a wedding. It was sweet, raucous, loud and happy, and reminded Kirin and I so much of our own familes. I know I sound like a broken record saying this, but Kirin and I are so lucky to be in a business that allows us to meet so many genuinely warm and loving people. Lauren and Mike are no exception to this. Here’s to you, guys!


The Wedding of Jackie and Joe

Filed under : Weddings by Ben and Kirin on 18-02-2010

Jackie and Joe are easily one of our favorite couples. They were up for almost anything we threw at them. They had a great engagement session. And our aftershoot session with them at Torrey Pines State Park was poetry. We love you guys! We’re just sad that you couldn’t get married to each other again so we could do this some more!