Ronnie and Tricia

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We were honored to be part of Ronnie and Tricia’s wedding. They have great taste, and we know they chose each of their vendors very carefully. It was fun hanging out with them and their crazy entourage. We know a lot of people have been waiting to see this wedding, so without further ado…

Tricia was all smiles while getting ready.

They had a fusion of themes–60’s vintage and modern prints. You can see Ron’s homage to the Rat Pack in his outfit.

The couple was married at the historic Mission de Alcala, and literally packed the church. It was standing room only after the processional.

We honestly respect the tradition and sanctity of marriage. The next photo is such a pivotal part in a woman’s life, the moment she leaves her parents to become a wife, to start a new life as her own. Men understand this on an inherent level, and here, you can see how touched Ronnie is to know Tricia’s family trusts him enough to allow him to marry their only daughter.

Gotta love San Diego!


All the great details put together by Charmae and Cyril of Bells and Whistlez. Check them out! details_collage.jpg
The entourage dance was a hilarious rendition of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Jump on It,” Fresh Prince style.

and of course, the couple dancing together


simply amazing, ben and kirin…love the song choice for the slide show…brings back great memories…that’s what great photos do! ;) we enjoyed working side by side w you..thanks again, for all your hard work..!

the slide show might as well have been a video for the song. i love how the changes in the music match the changes in the moment. beautiful pics.

Ben and Kirin…I love all the photos! It definitely captures all the special moments! Thanks for all your hardwork!

Darn it! I’m still on the iPhone so I can’t see the rest of the pix or hear the music! On my way home to enjoy now!

Thanks again all for everything!

i got teary watching the slideshow.. I’m here at work and even had to call my coworker over so we can both re-live the day. The shots are amazing and I thank you both so much for capturing such fantastic moments. You guys are the BEST!

You are all so kind. Tricia and Ronnie–seriously, we had so much fun at the wedding, and you guys are such good people, we were more than happy to do this for you.

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