Emily and Tricia and Mike

Filed under : Portraits by Ben and Kirin on 24-11-2012

Say hello to Emily. Hi, Emily!

She has such a pretty face, just like her mommy, Tricia.

That radiant blonde mane? I imagine Mike had blonde hair at one time…

We spent a chilly, early morning together at Balboa Park earlier this month, exploring some of the nooks and crannies of that great San Diego photo mecca. We had loads of fun. Enjoy the images!

Grace and Eric and Nohealani

Filed under : Portraits by Ben and Kirin on 18-11-2012

Nohealani is a cutie. She’s the little girl of our friends Grace and Eric. We love shooting photos of Grace and Eric. Grace has this sweetness that really shows through on camera. And Eric is a real straight-up guy: kind of stoic, with an interesting charisma that also photographs really well. Now what was really cool was shooting photos of Eric with his little girl and seeing the warmth and tenderness come through in the slightest gestures. That’s what portraiture is all about. Man, I love it!

Cadence and Trisha and Spencer

Filed under : Portraits by Ben and Kirin on 12-11-2012

This is Cadence. She is fearless, adventurous, inquisitive, and cute as all get-out.

Isn’t she adorable?

And these are Cadence’s parents, Trisha and Spencer.

As you can see, Cadence get’s her smiley demeanor from her parents.

We all got together earlier last month for a little photo session at a fave spot. Cadence pretty much ran the show, as 2-year-olds tend to do. She allowed for some pretty nifty photos, though, in between sprints.

Spencer, also a photographer, giving Cadence some direction…

She knows exactly what to do with Dad’s big, bald melon!

The little whirl-wind really didn’t slow down until the end of the shoot. She was tired enough to allow us to squeeze a few group shots of them all together before the day was over.